NTC-07 ExtLab «Electric drive and power converting equipment»

Unified platform

Combine different boards within a single platform

ExtLab Software

Each board includes a training module in ExtLab software

Convenience and safety

Guaranteed damage protection and electrical safety

1. Plug-in board NTC-07/1 «Servodrive»:

  • study of the servodrive speed control;
  • study of the torque control;
  • study of positioning modes of electric drive.

2. Plug-in board NTC-07/2 «Dual-circuit speed stabilization system  PWC-DCM»:

  • PI current controller setup;
  • P and PI speed controller setup.

3. Plug-in board NTC-07/3 «System «Frequency converter – asynchronous motor»:

  • study of the “Frequency converter – asynchronous motor” system.