The platform

Following the modern requirements for the educational process organization, we have created the Universal Extendable Platform ExtLab. Its constant modernization and improvement allowed us to make the most convenient and user-friendly training equipment that meets all necessary requirements and standards.


Various technical experiments on a single unified platform


Does not require a specially equipped laboratory for installation


Guaranteed safety and protection during operation

User friendly

The equipment is ready for use without any preparatory steps


Integrated digital measuring system connected to a PC via USB bus.


Managing the platform, conducting experiments on the PC


Convenient software for studying theory and conducting experiments

Plug-in boards

Special plug-in board kits with automatic recognition


Theoretical base, knowledge check and practical guidelines

Your training equipment

In addition to the plug-in boards available for order we can develop it specifically for you, considering your requirements.

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0 Plug-in board sets


The special software bundle has been developed for every set of ExtLab plug-in boards. The experiments with the plug-in boards could be conducted only in computer-assisted mode
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Select the plug-in board

After installing the required plug-in board in the ExtLab socket you must select the number of the corresponding board in the ExtLab application. The software recognizes the plug in board and if it does not correspond to the selected topic, the experiments will be blocked

Study the theory

Before the experiment it is necessary to study the theoretical part on the topic corresponding to the plug-in board


To test knowledge before the experiment it is proposed to perform some tasks. The software provides the ability to edit the test laid down by the developer

Detailed description

Every plug-in board is described in detail. The student can learn about the main features of every plug-in board available.


The software provides detailed instructions for performing each of the proposed experiments. For some plug-in boards, the theoretical part is supplemented by explanatory animated videos

Measurements and experimental results

Entering data into tables, calculation and plotting of graphical dependencies during the experiment is performed automatically. A report is generated after the experiment

Test editor

The test editor allows to change the preliminary verification test made by the developer, as well as to create tests for each of the proposed experiments and assign a test mode for them: before the experiment for admission or after the experiment to verify topic mastery

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